Elon University- Iowa: The Trail Starts Here

Follow along with our class while in Des Moines, Iowa. We will be updating our blog daily with our experiences through campaigning and journalism. Click on “Blog Feed” to read more.

Background of the Class

The class of GBL 207 is comprised of students from all different majors who have a passion for politics and the race to the White House. The students are broken up into two different groups: journalism and campaigning. Students were able to choose to work on a campaign of their choice or follow along the candidates getting real life journalism experience. Some have chosen to do a little bit of both. This blog is for you to follow along with our experiences and what it is like in Iowa during this time.

Blog Posts


By Martha Selph 01/20/2020 As we leave Iowa, I sit here on the airplane and reflect on our trip through the lens of the Global Engagement Learning Goals. Critically evaluate one’s own culture and biases. Examine your responsibilities as an active global citizen informed by multiple perspectives. I feel as though this was one of the easiestContinue reading “Reflections”

Goodbye Iowa

By: Hana Hofeld As I sit on our last flight back to Elon, I am feeling a bundle of mixed emotions. I am happy to be coming back because I get to sleep in my own bed and I’ll be back to a regular routine. I am sad because these past 10 days in IowaContinue reading “Goodbye Iowa”

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